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What To Expect At Our First Meeting

We will have the chance to "get to know one another" at our first meeting. We want to hear what you need, want, and expect, and we want you to feel at ease asking us questions.

Attending the initial meeting with all of the decision-makers is a good idea. In most cases, everyone has some information or input regarding the project. At our first meeting, we would like to talk with you about the following:

How do you feel about your current residence? What kind of undertaking are you contemplating? Why are you currently contemplating this project? What do you anticipate getting out of the project? Needs now and in the future?

Do you dress in a contemporary, traditional, or a mix of the two? Pictures from magazines or other sources are a good idea to help you get the look or the details you want across.

How do you envision going about selecting a contractor for your remodeling project? How do you envision you'll approach the design process?

What do you want to invest in? How much money you want to put into your home will need to be discussed openly and honestly with you; That can only be explained by you. We can only provide an estimate of the cost of your project.) Refinancing or cash will be your method of financing the project.

What are your priorities when choosing a remodeling company? Design? Experience? a single point of accountability? Craftsmanship? Procedures like budgeting and scheduling? or a different one?

How long do you intend to reside in your residence?

We'll also talk about Shark Contractors Home's distinctive, customer-focused remodeling process at our first meeting. How our Design/Build Collaborative Approach aligns your requirements, schedules, and budgets to realize your vision and adds value. We are excited to meet you and learn more about your project! Before you, hundreds of customers were pleased to join the Shark Contractors Home Team.



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